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Tidal and astronomical information

We have been providing tidal data for mariners since 1886.
The Laver's Blue Book is regarded by many as the most reliable
and accurate tidal data in the British Isles.

Tide Table Books

Our must have, highly accurate tidal data covering many areas of the British Isles can be purchased in our online store.


Detailed graphical wallcharts featuring tidal information for the British Isles ideal for the office or vessel also available.


A wide range of books covering marine topics and local history in addition to special hobbyist reading such as angling.

Diaries & Calendars

Our accurate tidal information is also available in a range of convenient calendars and diaries packed with additional info.

Our publications are suitable for mariners, hikers, anglers, dog walkers, holiday-makers and individuals who require reliable, high quality tidal information.

Recent Publications

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Greenock, Oban & West Scotland 2020 Tide Table
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Dover & All Britain 2020 Tide Table Booklet
by Laver Publishing

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