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The Guide to Sea Angling in North Wales and Merseyside lists 32 shore fishing venues.


Each with the good spots shown on the accompanying sketch map. Each one has full travel directions and is rated for ease of access and comfort while fishing. It also shows some of the most productive boat fishing grounds in the region.


What is there to catch?

The various species come and go throughout the year. This cycle is described in detail for each venue and shows what to expect at a particular place and time of year.


When is the best time to go?

Besides the annual movements of the fish, the book also gives the best time of day and tidal state for each particular excursion.


What is the best method?

When the fish are there and the angler is there, the difference between success and failure will depend on the methods used. Here for each entry the author offers expert guidance on tackle, tactics and bait.


Where’s best to launch a boat?

For the five launch sites, there is information on location, charges, if any, accessibility, tidal conditions for launch and retrieval and weather conditions to avoid. This is in addition to the fishing information itself which covers several marks for each launch.


Is there anything else?

Most of the entries have Top Tip, Star Catch, Safety Angle or Pier Charges features specific to particular venues. There are also major features on safety and emergency procedures, fish identification, tackle and bait, an introduction to boat angling, Welsh records, local contacts and more.


About the author

Phil Simpson has enjoyed fishing the area for over thirty years and is a regular contributor to several top fishing magazines.

Laver’s Guide to Sea Angling

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